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Globstory is a lifestyle YouTube channel, inspired by travel. Most of the travels are backpack-style, two-people adventures. We create reportages, documentaries and vlogs focused mainly on social and cultural topics.

We’re Kaja and Mateusz. Globstory is an example of a passion that evolved into a way of life. We spend most of the year traveling, with breaks in Poland that we use for preparation and reorganization. We film, produce and edit everything ourselves. We write more often now too. We try to travel responsibly and encourage reflection on the diversity of the world that surrounds us.

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Our book

“Urok. Historie z Tanzanii i Zanzibaru” - is a collection of reportage and narrative pieces that have been created over the course of our 7-month stay in East Africa. Among many other things, in the book we talk about:

  • What life in countryside of Tanzania looks like - a life without smartphones, where a lot of things are handled through neighbours, gossip and with the help of a local witch-doctor
  • What should you do when your house is overrun by army ants? 
  • What does taking pictures in a class of over 100 children look like? 
  • Why do kids sit on the laps of people they don’t know during bus rides? 
  • Why don’t you see a lot of women in the cafes and bars of Zanzibar? 
  • What does life with a very relaxed approach to time look like? 
  • How do the people of Tanzania and Zanzibar see life in Europe and why moving there is not necessarily everyone’s dream.
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