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published films (from 23 countries)
437 000
YouTube subscribers
49 800 000
film views
51 018
followers on Facebook
131 000
followers on Instagram


1st place
TRAVELERY 2018, a National Geographic Award in the “Online traveler” category
1st place
Blog of the Year 2018 award at the World Travel Show
Grand Video Awards 2017/18, the journalism and video-interview category, for the film “Iranian hospitality”
Grand Video Awards 2018/19, for the film “Leave everything behind and go to Mars”
Grand Video Awards 2019/20, the journalism and video-interview category, for the film “THE GAME. Migrants on the Balkan trail”
Honorable mention:
Festiwal Mediów - Człowiek w Zagrożeniu, for the film “Genowewa”
1st place
HASHTAGI ROKU 2021, in the YouTuber of the Year category
1st place
Grand Video Awards 2021, in the Hobby, Travel, Sport category for the film “I married a Maasai and moved to his boma”
Forbes Woman
Kaja Kraska became one of the 100 women featured in the "Discovery" category in the Women of the Year 2021 edition
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